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Live in Care – the preferred choice...


Thank you for your efforts of recruitment for the locality managers. I really do appreciate it. I know I joke about it with you but it’s a big step for the company today and I wanted to thank you for that.


Scott Williams


Dear Jill

I am more than happy to be putting this into words.

When I first met yourself and discussed the possibility of your company providing ‘live in’ care for my elderly neighbours I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew from our meeting that you were totally committed to providing quality care, but I wasn’t sure you could find carers who could cope with my rather forceful and demanding 97 year old neighbour and her husband.

Over the past weeks, I have been completely overwhelmed by the quality of each and every carer that has entered my neighbours life. Sadly Dxxx never made it home to be part of the family which has been formed but the care, support and dedication of each member of the team has helped Laura to cope with losing her husband of 72 years. Lxxx herself has recovered well from her surgery and she is now a different person. I see her laughing and enjoying the conversations which go on throughout the day. She has during the periods of care given learnt to accept help, something she finds difficult as she has always be totally independent. The ‘live in care’, the waking night sitters and the staff who cover the breaks have all found a way to help Lxxx cope with the transition and they have all enhanced her life.

I don’t know how you managed to identify the people who would be best suited to Lxxx’s needs, after all you only met her on two occasions before the care started but you managed it to perfection. As Lxxx’s neighbour I am very grateful to you and all of the staff and I am always happy to praise when praise is due and it is certainly due. So a very big thank you to everyone and a very big pat on the back for you. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone and will do so knowing you will provide excellent care. If my experience with the NHS had been the same I would be a very happy individual.

My thanks and best wishes


JT – Bardsey


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