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Ask JillNot allowed to look around a care home…
Should I think it suspicious that I have just been to look around a care home, but could not be shown around as there was no senior there. Is that usual (as it is a weekend evening) or am I being unreasonable and expecting too much? It’s the first place I have gone to look at so I am a real novice. Thanks in advance for any info xxx
1 Answers
Jill Kemp Registered Manager, CRS Doctors & Live-in Care
Thanks for contacting me Deb – you’re right to visit unannounced however alarm bells rang for me immediately on reading your question…   A) Why haven’t they got a Senior on duty?  B) if there’s no ‘senior’ around a responsible member of staff would be willing to show you around if they had nothing to hide C) if this happens again… Ask  ‘What would happen if a resident went into crisis?’   When I rang around homes recently, those who said ‘yes call in anytime, we’re always here’ were put to the top of my list – not those who seemed hesitant and said I’d to make an appointment!    Lucky escape I say!    And a word of advice… check out any home you are considering on the CQC website – you can read their most recent CQC Inspection reports