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Social services won’t give me any more help

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Ask JillSocial services won’t give me any more help
Thanks for offering to help Jill I’ve had 6 years of hell and battles. Mum needs 24 hour care but Social services won’t give me any more help. They have told me point blank – it’s all about money! I’m thinking of releasing some equity from mum’s house to pay for extra help. That’s the only way I can see – but I want this to be the last resort though? I’m exhausted but love mum so will do what she’s always done for me and I won’t back down, however I can’t have just one night out with the girls because I’ve always got to be here to put mum to bed and be up for carer in the mornings. X
1 Answers
Jill Kemp Registered Manager, CRS Doctors & Live-in Care
I suggest you speak to a solicitor (some offer 1/2 hr free advice) now that the Care Act is in force it’s very clear… Carers are to be supported!! The LA may be looking for funds from mum’s house later so releasing equity is an option – your local Carers Support service would possibly point you in the direction of more honourable equity release companies? Or Age UK would offer advice?  You may have to apply to the courts for permission if you do not have Lasting Power of Attorney? It would also be useful to speak to a Financial Advisor accredited by the Society of Later Life Advisors  You’ve a lot on your plate Suzanne and the Care Act has highlighted the need to support ‘unpaid’ carers – if you’d like to send me the ‘eligibility criteria’ for support of carers email me at  x