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Options for my mother in law

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Ask JillOptions for my mother in law
Hi Jill We (the Stephenson family) are in the process of looking at all options for my Husband’s Mother who is currently in hospital and has, very recently, been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Audrey is from Caerphilly in South Wales and has, up until recently, lived a very active, healthy and mobile life. The first sign of illness with Audrey was approximately three months ago when she had a suspected TIA. She recovered swiftly from this and then approximately six weeks ago she was admitted to a hospital in South Wales and was diagnosed with a water infection. It was, at this time the family in Wales noticed the first signs of confusion but put this down to the infection, as advised by the medics. Upon her release from hospital, Audrey was sent home with an emergency care package in place, this entailed carers coming to see Audrey 4 times daily. It was agreed by the family that it would probably be better if she came to stay with us (in Harrogate) during the Christmas break as we could be with her 24/7 as my Husband finished work on the 15th December. Unfortunately, Audrey took a downward turn and it was necessary for us to register her with our Doctor in Harrogate and seek advice about her worsening confusion and further issues. The Doctor felt at this stage it was necessary for her to be admitted into Harrogate hospital as there was the possibility of the infection returning. Whilst Audrey has been in the hospital it has become apparent that she has become more confused and she has now, after a series of tests, been diagnosed with, the aforementioned. Audrey is now physically fit and able to be discharged from hospital and of course, we as a family, want what is best for both her safety and also, her happiness going forward. We are in receipt of an email from the hospital social worker who is (starting tomorrow) liaising with South Wales social services. In the email, she has suggested three options and one of them is the one we spoke about earlier today. What we are looking for Jill are some ideas from you, and of course, the cost entailed with a live-in carer. At this moment in time, as we are unaware of what her actual requirements are going to be, I think it would be wise to consider an overnight carer rather than a full time live-in one. However, that may change so if you were able to give us some ideas of the ‘here and now’ situation and also the ‘going forward’ situation, that would be fabulous. Thanks again Jill, I am very grateful for you reaching out to me.
1 Answers
Jill Kemp Registered Manager, CRS Doctors & Live-in Care
Thank you for your detailed email – the information is most useful and I am delighted to help find the best solution to your husband’s mother’s care needs.  Based on the information I have, and not having met Audrey, the options open to her are Option                                                                                  Guide cost Continue with the 4 x daily care calls                               £13.75 per hour Add waking night staff eg 22:00-08:00                             £16.75 per hour Live-in carer                                                                          est £800- £1,100 per week (subject to assessment of needs) You will obviously know better than I the level of care Audrey will need, and whether she does indeed need staff available throughout the night.  It is probable that Audrey will settle more over time with regular, familiar staff in place.  It is beneficial with any type of dementia to have familiar surroundings, personal items and people – including professional carers.  Please do bear in mind also that, should the decision be made to have a combination of day and/or waking night staff, it would be extremely unlikely the same carers would then take on a live-in care role.  This is for no other reason than the fact that the personal circumstances of eg a night-time carer are so very different than those of someone who is happy to be away from home for weeks at a time. Dementia is my specialism, (I deliver Information sessions on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Society) and I would greatly recommend you look at the following website – it is entirely possible to live well with dementia. If you would like a copy of the ‘Eligibility Criteria’ for funding for both the person requiring care (client) and any unpaid carers drop me an email to and I will send it through.  Once it is determined a client is eligible for funding, their own savings are taken into consideration of course – so it may be that a person is ‘eligible’ but not receive any local authority funding due to monies they have available to them.  Should you need any further guidance on funding, please look at our ‘Funding’ page. Please also feel free to give the Hospital Social Worker my contact details.   All positive wishes for Audrey’s settling into her new way of life – whichever option is decided is for the best! Best wishes Jill  :)