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Moving and handling my mum

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Ask JillMoving and handling my mum
Since October 2013 I have been asking Social Services for a Moving and Handling course. I’m not a carer, I’m an experienced marketing manager but, I’m a daughter looking after her mum. I was ignored by Social Services. Last October mum was in hospital, I was begging them for more support. The matron wouldn’t discharge mum until Social Services gave me a proper care package they were shocked I’d been moving mum alone. They sent me on the Moving and Handling course in December. Now my hip has gone, I went to the doctors Friday who said I was exhausted and stressed – he rang the hospital straight away and I’ve got to go next week for x-rays on my hips. I’m only 46 but I’m like a cripple Jill my mum is over 13 stone and does not weight bear x
1 Answers
Jill Kemp Registered Manager, CRS Doctors & Live-in Care
This is alarming to hear – however a positive in a way because you can now speak to your local Safeguarding Team because, unless an OT has assessed and said you can use the hoist alone, your mum is being put at risk (of being dropped or inappropriately moved/lifted – lifting can dislocate joints . break bones etc in the person being lifted) – sounds like an accident waiting to happen with you tired and stressed! x