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Live in Care – the preferred choice...

Live In Care

Live In Care

Why choose Live In Care?

When the time comes that a loved one needs additional care and support, beyond that which family and friends are able to provide, one may be considering residential care – of which there are many options country wide.

However, if able to make our choice known, most of us would be amongst the –

97% who ‘would not want to go into a care home if they become ill or less able to cope’*

However there is the alternative of Live In Care – simply put this is…

Where an experienced and trained carer comes to live in your home and provides as much or as little companionship, care and support as required.

Live In Care is increasing in popularity as it becomes within the financial reach of those other than those considered wealthy – where an experienced carer lives in your home providing as much or as little companionship and support as required for your loved one.

The cost of this is surprisingly on a par with a residential and nursing care…

Familiarity of our own home

As awareness and diagnosis of dementia grows it has overtaken cancer as the most feared condition of the 55+ age group.

One of the characteristics of dementia is the condition worsens, in the majority of cases, when changes take place.  Minimising the changes also minimises the likelihood of triggering deterioration in the condition which brings along with it other symptoms such as:

  • Poor judgement
  • Disorientation
  • Failure to recognise people
  • Mood changes
  • Delusions and/or hallucinations
  • Diminishing ability to perform daily tasks

Our pets, family and friends

The anxiety caused by being separated from our pets, family and friends is something we have possibly all experienced when we have perhaps been stranded in a hotel due to bad weather or been hospitalised longer than we felt necessary – remember the feelings

‘I just want to get home to my own bed’

‘I want to hear the loving sounds of my loyal pet and feel the comfort of them on my lap’

‘I’d do anything for hot chocolate from my favourite mug’

Live in Care

Those feelings of anxiety are multiplied an untold number of times when taken permanently from our own homes and placed in perhaps only one room, having to share a lounge with strangers I do not know and have no common interests.

A Live In Carer enables our loved ones to be as independent as possible for longer than were they to move into residential or nursing care – walking the dog to the local shop, visiting friends, continuing with social activities – see our testimonials page to see what our clients actually say about our service!

* ‘No Place Like Home – Why Live In Care is a Real Alternative to Residential Care’ – report by The Live In Care Information Hub