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Live in Care – the preferred choice...


At CRS Social Care we have over a decade of providing quality, trained and experienced health and social care staff to people like you – resulting in excellent feedback from the people who use our services

No longer do you need to be thinking…

Why do I feel guilty wanting my life back?
Will I feel even more guilt if I put loved one in a care home?
Do I really want to take this final step down the ‘path of no return’?

No longer do you have to be worrying…

Will my loved one be put to bed at 3pm?
Will my loved one be forced to get up, bathed and dressed at 4am
Will my loved one starve or dehydrate if they become unable to feed themselves?

and are now asking…

Is there a viable alternative that will work well for us all?


How can they stay in their own home when we are going to have to sell it to fund their care?
Would it really mean my time is my own again – can I go on holiday and choose when I visit my loved one?

Dr Glen Mason, Director of People, Communities and Local Government, Department of Health says

Live-in care is a long established but relatively unknown, growing alternative to residential and nursing care that substantially extends the care choice available to the individual. It allows someone with high levels of need to remain in their own home and community and lead a good quality life in familiar surroundings. I expect live-in care to continue to grow in popularity and to become the high quality first care choice of many people

Live In Care

Read here to find how CRS Social Care will support you and your loved ones make the decision whether or not Live-In Care is right for your loved one.

Our owner and Service Manager, Jill Kemp RMA, lives by the ethos… if I would not be happy with this service being delivered to my grandmother, elderly father or baby granddaughter – it is not good enough for people using our service’

Registered with and meeting the ‘fundamental standards’ of the regulator for health and social care services in England, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) we deliver quality care with dignity and respect for people using our services.